Maxus 24

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  • a pivoting centreboard
  • a reefable mainsail
  • reefed foresail / fixed stay
  • a patented mast stepping system with stabilisation
  • rails
  • a side ladder
  • electrical zonal lighting
  • 230 V power supply
  • potable water supply
  • a chemical toilet
  • a mobile phone recharging socket
  • an MP3 radio
  • 2 sinks (with an electrical pump)
  • 2 paddles and a boathook
  • unbreakable tableware and cutlery
  • yacht insurance / engine insurance
  • a fire-extinguisher
  • medical emergency supplies, 8 life jackets, a lifebelt


  • Year built: 2011
  • Length: 720cm
  • Width: 255cm
  • Minimum/maximum draft: 35/140cm
  • Sails area: 27 m2
  • Port of registry: PTTK Wilkasy/Gizycko, Lake Niegocin
  • Licence required: yachtsman


Maxus 24 is another member of the Maxus family. It’s fast and manoeuvrable, designed for people who like sport-style sailing. It’s a large-capacity, spacious yacht for those who value comfort. Operating the yacht is made easier with all the ropes available in the cockpit, full mast stabilisation, a rotating centreboard and a vertically lifted rudder blade. The cockpit is large enough for 8 people. It is a yacht for people looking for new challenges as well as those who are only just beginning their sailing adventure.


For each cruise, the yacht comes with

  • fuel for the engine
  • a full gas cylinder
  • a fully charged battery with an integrated recharger
  • cleaning agents